Monday, February 16, 2015

New Beginnings for a New Gardener

It's time to get started.

But where to begin?

I'm new at this. Well, relatively speaking I am. I've done a few perennials with mild success but frankly my life as a busy mom only allowed my gardening skills and efforts to put in a small rose garden, a few hydrangeas and a couple of herbs. But that's about to change.

As a novice gardener I'm excited about all the things I want to accomplish outside. This is the first real year my life has slowed to a dull roar and I'm enjoying the extra time to pursue gardening. There are so many things I want to do this season.

There's the raised garden bed I want to build and fill with my family's favorite veggies like carrots, green beans and kale. But also I want to try my hand at sweet potatoes and growing them from slips I start here in the kitchen.

Then there's the potting bench I want to build out of an old double seated swing that used to grace the front porch of our very first home. (I'm a big sentimental softie!)

Thorn-less blackberries and raspberries will be added to the garden in hopes that our family will be enjoying them atop a big bowl of homemade ice cream after a day spent in the sweltering Oklahoma heat.

Now I realize it may be a bit nostalgic to think that I could grow veggies and a few fruits for my family to enjoy like my grandma did. And the nostalgia I feel when I remember running up and down the rows in my grandparents garden chasing "horny toads" and breaking out in a rash because I'd eaten myself sick my plucking cucumbers and tomatoes right off the vine, well..frankly I want that for my kids too! 

I want to slow life down a little, enjoy what's been given to us in our own small suburban back yard, step away from the hectic pace of go, go, go and simply live life a little bit better, centered on our home and family and what we can achieve together right here at home versus always looking to tackle the world.

I want to bring back the simple pleasures that come from hard work and sweat when digging in the earth, time spent with loved ones in such a way that I simply cannot wait to get the raised beds built and seedlings in the ground and to wait to see what springs to life.

New beginnings do come with their own set of challenges, some seen and some unforeseen. Gardening, especially for a newbie like myself is bound to have huge learning curves. So while I have grand plans and dreams of what will be, I know it is best to pull my head out of the clouds and be realistic. Start small and learn big will be my motto this season.

Follow me this season as I head back to my roots, back to the way my grandmother did things, where leading a quiet, simple life shared with those who cross your path means building memories and a lifetime of joy.

Blessings & Best Wishes,


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