Monday, February 16, 2015

Welcome to Sundays in the South

I'm so glad you are here!

From as far back as I can remember gardening has been something I've dabbled in. I grew up loving my grandmother's sky blue hydrangeas that hedged her deep front porch, the massive English ivy's that hung above the porch banisters and the hens and chicks that lined the driveway up to the screened back door. My grandmother's gardening skills also extended to her vegetable garden. There wasn't a veggie she didn't grow, cook, can or serve to anyone who stepped foot into her home.

My grandmother had a green thumb that was magical. Not only did everything she touch grow but it was larger than life and it was shared with everyone she came in contact with. Whatever she grew, she would share. It didn't matter if it was a small bouquet of roses for her cousin who lived across the street, sent over by one of us grandkids to brighten cousin Pearl's day, or an invitation to one of granddad's friends who'd stopped by to drop off his lawnmower to it tuned up for the season, they too were served a cold glass of sweet tea and several chilled slices of cantaloupe fresh from the morning's garden. 

The garden allowed my grandmother to show everyone she came in contact with what it meant to feel loved, welcomed and appreciated.

That is my hope for Sundays in the South.

I want to carry on my grandmother's traditions, her hospitality and her love for gardening and while I'm rather new at this whole gardening process, you are more than welcome to grab a glass of sweet tea, sit a spell and enjoy the fruits of the garden. 

I welcome you here at Sundays in the South. I hope you enjoy your visit!

Blessings & Best wishes,


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